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Jiangsu Great Optics Co.,Ltd is comprehensive group combing manufacture and  trade in international market .We have companies and representative offices in Shanghai and Canada.
Our factory is one of leading professional ophthalmic lenses manufactures in China.We have CE in Europe FDA in USA.
Our factory pays much attention to technical innovation , skilled workers have been certified for the workemanship.We improve the crafts continuously to control the quality.Science and technology has always been our first prioerty in creating best lenses .We can assure that our quality is high and reliable.
Great Optics can supply singls vision lenses,bifocal lenses , photo chromic lenses and progressive lenses ,finished lenses and semi-finished lenses,nomail power and RX power .
You will find the most compperhensive lenses at most competitive price in our factory,and we will do best after service.With years of experience in this filed and high reputation,we will play an extremely important role in the international market.

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Add:No.88 Wanxin Road ,Glasses Industrial Park,Situ Town,Danyang City,Jiangsu Pro,China  Tel:0086-511-88016665    Fax:0086-511-88016664
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